EnScryption - Python Source Code Protection

OS Portability

Will my encrypted Python script work on Linux and Windows Systems? Yes, it will.

Python Function Files

Can I encrypt Python function files/scripts? Yes, you can. Function files (and their corresponding calling script(s)) can be encrypted.

PyInstaller Compatibility

Can I encrypt my Python script AND use PyInstaller to convert it to an executable? Absolutely. Yes, you can. And if you require assistance, we're here to help!

Script File Size

Is there a size limit on the type of Python scripts that can be encrypted? No, there is not.

How-To Videos on Script Protection

How to use the enscryption tool (or our web service) to encrypt and obfuscate your scripts - protect your python scripts from unintended exposure, theft.

Python Script Protection

Submit your raw/plain python script to the enscryption tool, get back the encrypted, obfuscated and secured version of it.


Tamper Resistant Protection

Tamper Resistant Python Script - Encrypt your raw python code, Seal it off while simultaneously allowing it to remain executable, Prevent edits or modifications of any kind, Ensure your protected scripts cannot be renamed and used under different names. Whenever an encrypted script is given a name different from the one it had when it was encrypted, it'll stop functioning!


Encrypt, Convert to a .exe file

For monthly subscribers: Encrypt a python script, then convert it into an executable with just a few clicks.


Script Obfuscation, Encryption and Protection!

Purchase the right tool to Protect, Encrypt & Obfuscate Python scripts!

Online Script Submission (SAS)

Python Script Protection (Online)

Obfuscate & Encrypt Python scripts (.py) for use on any system Python is installed. Simply login to our online portal to begin submitting python scripts for encryption.

Licenses (On-Prem/Private hosts)

Python Script Protection (License)

Obfuscate & Encrypt Python scripts (.py) for use on any system Python is installed. Download the encryption tool itself and use it on Linux/Mac systems to encrypt your python scripts.