About Us

When seeking to encrypt, release and distribute scripts written in an interpreted language, some of the most common questions I'm sure you've pondered upon were; can it be done, if so, how? Unfortunately, the generally accepted answers to those questions are that you can't, or that it doesn't really work, or you shouldn't, or it costs lots of money. And no matter what you do, someone smart enough or someone with enough time on their hands can get to it, so don't bother.

These answers are somewhat true to a very small degree but they're also a huge copout.

Ignoring the practicality of securing your code JUST BECAUSE someone can get to it is similar to deciding not to lock the doors to your house anymore JUST BECAUSE locks can be picked. It makes no sense. Yes, locks can be picked but fortunately it is difficult and time consuming for most people to do, so I still strongly recommend you lock your doors. Besides, if you make it hard enough to get to your code, most people won't bother and the ones that persist will be reported to you through alert notifications, just as you would expect to be notified if thieves attempted to break into your alarm-protected house.

In my particular case, I had to begin heavily encrypting all my important scripts due to not one, but two very bad experiences. I've had coworkers take credit for my work. I've had ideas usurped by a major company. These two incidents were very painful. So painful I felt it absolutely necessary to find a way to encrypt my scripts, despite the seemingly impossible nature of it. I had to give it a shot. I simply could not continue to be at the mercy of others. I couldn't allow myself to continue be a victim. And after many years of toiling away on this endeavor, I discovered a working method; hence the birth of enScryption.com.
enScryption is both a command line and web based source code protection service which was created out of necessity.

We live in an unfair world where people get taken advantage of on a daily basis. It is a very unpleasant experience. There are many unscrupulous individuals out there who:

  • Have no problems taking credit for someone else's hard work (especially if that person is a subordinate)
  • Lack the innate creativity to come up with ideas of their own and will instead pirate ideas from someone else
enScryption makes it difficult for people like these to pick you as an easy target. If you want peace of mind knowing you can share your scripts with whomever you want without actually giving away proprietary information, this is the site for you. If you want to be assured NO ONE can screw around with your code, then yes, this is definitely where you need to be.

enScryption.com protects your scripts in such a way that, no one, not even you, can edit it, make copies of it and still be able to run it. Everyone will be required to run the MASTER copy (the encrypted version) which you will give to them. They can create a soft link to the MASTER copy but they will not be allowed to run copies of the original script. This, in and of itself, adds an extra layer of security for you against hackers with too much time on their hands.

    An un-encrypted script gives unscrupulous entities the opportunity to claim its programmatical logic as their own. I've been in quite a number of meetings with software vendors where they shamelessly admitted to the idea or "inspiration" behind their latest "feature" being taken from publicly available open source tools. In essence, what that boils down to is "they" (the commercial software vendor) get to profit off of someone else's labor. It can be argued that 'maybe, just maybe, that person is ok with it'. I say; Maybe. Maybe not!
    Any engineer with an unprincipled disposition can snoop through a fairly lengthy script written by someone else, make a few changes of his own to it, then slap his name on the script as being the author. Or, if he's unable to get away with doing that, he might try to force his name into the project with phrases similar to 'WE worked on it together', or "I helped him....'. And these deceitful statements are often made when the actual author of the script is not around to speak up for himself (or herself).
    Although, there are lots of developers out there in the IT world, many lack an innate ability for creativity. So what they do to combat that is look for ideas to pirate. A skilled developer (but who lacks in creative ideas) can use your un-encrypted code for inspiration concerning a similar project he may be wishing to work on.

    The ramifications of this possibilility are all bad - you're either unwittingly erecting against yourself unnecessary competition and shall I say angst?! OR you're opening yourself up to the possibility of someone with far more resources than you, beating you to the completion of whatever it is you were trying to accomplish.

    The cold harsh reality is; there are many engineers out there who simply cant resist the temptation to plagiarize. The goal of enScryption.com is to ensure when they do attempt to figure out how your code works, they're met with numerous formiddable obstacles.
    Also, bear in mind, that, there are many different ways an idea can be stolen without the artificer of it being any wiser. There may be something you're doing in your code that others thought was impossible. But if they're able to get their hands on the un-encrypted version of your script, they'll know exactly how you did it. Why make it easy for them? Intellectual thievery is real. Protect yourself. Protect your work!

If you want peace of mind knowing your scripts are secure, congratulations! You are exactly where you need to be.

EnScryption.com is the most effective security guard for your scripts. I spend almost every single day hardening the different algorithms used in my encryption process. I'm motivated by the painful memories of my past and by the countless hours I was forced to spend lamenting in absolute helplessness.

I'm here to ensure what happened to me does not happen to anyone else. I believe if YOU work hard to create something of great worth, a work of art, YOU deserve to claim and get 100% credit for it and that's what I'm here to help you do!

Paste your script to my site, and we will automatically produce an encrypted, executable version of it for you. Or if you're paranoid (as you should be) and don't want to paste it to an external site, purchase a copy of the encryption tool and use it on your own private hosts on as many scripts as you wish!